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Easy Gold and Teal Glitter Chevron Nail Art

Press Sample

Easy Gold and Teal Glitter Chevron Polish Bottle

I have wanted to do chevron nails FOREVER, but I always had so many concerns about them, such as:

  • Isn’t this going to be complicated and messy?
  • What if I don’t “line up” the lines properly and it looks horrible and crooked?
  • How am I supposed to get all the lines evenly thick?
  • Don’t I need special scissors to cut the tape? What are those called again?
  • Do I think I can really hand draw these if I don’t want to hassle with tape and scissors?

And so on, and on until I have convinced myself that this whole chevron thing is going to be too much hassle to even attempt. But then I received these promising stencils from one of my favorite nail brands, Sticky Nails. Now – I have used these stencils in the past and know that they are super easy to use and make perfect designs, but chevrons? Let’s just say I was seriously skeptical that this whole chevron thing could EVER be done easily and without a big mess.

Chevron Nail Art Stencils by Sticky Nails

Chevron Nail Art Stencils by Sticky Nails

But this look turned out to be super easy and  fast. Like seriously fast – the chevron accent nail took me literally 30 seconds. I had nothing to worry about after all, and I love this look so much! I used the small strips that I poked out of the chevron stencil to make the little “triangle moons” on my other fingers. Nothing goes to waste here!

Easy Gold and Teal Glitter Chevron Nails

Each chevron stencil is a full sticker that covers your whole nail, using the negative areas you pop out to create the chevron pattern. Brilliant! Just ONE sticker instead of a mess of little strips of tape everywhere! AND your lines will be perfectly spaced since the sticker covers your whole nail to the skin. Check out my full review of the Sticky Nails product here.

Easy Gold and Teal Glitter Chevron Nails Close Up

I should note that my new, temporary camera did not do this nail polish color or the manicure any justice at all. The color is a really beautiful deep, teal/emerald green with gold-coppery flakes that reminds me of The Wizard of Oz. For whatever reason this camera wanted to make it blue! It’s just so strange – it also saw through the polish when to my eye it looked completely opaque. This color really is spectacular and if you like it’s sparkle check out this blogger who did it true justice.

Sinful Colors Kissy Swatch

Gold and Teal Glitter Chevron Nail Art – Get The Look

For this look I used:

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Press Sample


    • Right?! I love these stencils – I break them out all the time. I wish I always took photos when I do, but they make manicures super fast. Now I can’t wait to do chevrons again, maybe vertically next time.

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