About Me

Welcome to Black Cat Nails!

My name is Arden and I started Black Cat Nails in 2013 to document and share my personal nail art journey. It would be awesome to inspire or help out any beginners by sharing my personal experience, tips, tricks and tutorials to give back to the incredible online nail art community.

I have always enjoyed different arts and crafts, but in the summer of 2012 nail art grew into an obsession. It all started with a simple nail wrap, and I started to wonder what other creative ways I could decorate my nails. A quick internet search turned up a whole new world of miniature art that I could carry with me everywhere I went. I have been in love ever since!

I am not a professional nail artists, I am actually a self-employed bookkeeper. Because I work from home I am lucky to have freedom to paint my nails whenever I like and let them dry as I work! I also enjoy music, arts & craft projects, hanging with my friends, and of course my second job, roller derby! This tests my manicures and I am always looking for ways to make them last longer.

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me anytime with your comments, suggestions or just to drop me a note!

All posts are written by me and all pictures are my own, unless otherwise stated. All content and photography is copyright protected, please respect!