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Sinful Colors Destination Color Review & Swatches – Sheer Opalescent Toppers

Sinful Colors Sheer Nail Polish Swatch Top

Purchased By Me Press Sample

I can’t wait to show you these sheer beauties from Sinful Colors. I have lots of photos, but to really do these polishes justice you have to wear them outside in the sunlight and see for yourself, so pretty! Technically three out of the four of these came out in the same collection, but I added the fourth pink polish, on the pinky 😉 because it fits so perfectly. These are all still available in drugstores and variety stores, (Target, Walmart, etc) at least where I live.Sinful Colors Sheer Nail Polish

The polishes pictured above, from left to right:

  • Bring It Sheer – Sheer, shimmery frosty-green with tiny silver specks of glitter throughout.
  • From Sheer to Eternity – Sheer, shimmery blue with hints of purple and light-blue specks of glitter throughout.
  • Sheer Genius – Sheer purple/pink shimmer polish with tiny purple/pink specks of glitter throughout. There seem to be different version of this one, which can either be more pink or more purple (more on this below).
  • Glass Pink – Pearly, baby-pink sheer-shimmer polish with golden-pink specks of glitter throughout. Shifts from pink to gold at the right angle.

The first three (green, blue, and purple) were Walgreens exclusives from the 2014 summer collection Destination Color. At the time this was a huge display with tons of colors, including nine new polishes which were ALL Walgreens exclusives. I added in the sheer pink polish because it fits perfectly. This shade is Glass Pink and it came out in the Pretty-in-Pink collection way, way back in January of 2011.

Sinful Colors Sheer Polish Quick Review


If you would like to see a full review of the shade Sheer Genius, you can read that here. I feel like all of these performed exactly the same, with the exception of Glass Pink. That one has a smoother, less sticky formula that I would have given 4 out 5 stars.

Sinful Colors Sheer Polish Swatches

Here are some candy coated phalanges for you! I kept everything in the same order as before (listed above). As you can see here and in the side shot the shade Glass Pink does really read golden and maybe upon photographing it doesn’t fit with the other three as well as I had thought. But in real life it does seem to go nicely with the others.

Sinful Colors Sheer Nail Polish Swatches

Sinful Colors Sheer Nail Polish Swatches Side

Here is a shot of Sheer Genius from my previous in-depth review with the bottle. This is a picture of the bottle that was sent to me for review.

Sinful Colors Sheer Genius Bottle Sunshine VoxBox Review

In the pictures below you will see the bottle of Sheer Genius that I personally purchased, on the right. In real life and in pictures, I feel like the difference between the two shades is really obvious. I’ve heard of this happening with Sinful Colors polishes, and personally this is the second time I’ve experienced it myself (the first one was Dream On).

Sinful Colors Sheer Genius Bottle CompareSinful Colors Sheer Genius Bottle Compare Bottom

That’s it for these four polishes. Which one is your favorite?

Purchased By Me Press Sample

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  1. Before I got into nail polish, this is the type of polishes i used to wear. Sheer and shimmery so people wouldn’t notice when I went out of the lines. I think Glass Pink would be my fave.

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