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Black Willow Gallery Goodies – Art, Buttons and Candles

Black Willow Gallery Goodies

Purchased By Me

SO CUTE! I came across the shop, Black Willow Gallery and it was love at first sight, and for so many different reasons. I think one of most magical things is the shop’s name. As you can probably guess I like black, and I also happen to really love trees and particularly willow trees. Which is why my black cat mascot (in the header and the silhouette for my logo) is named Willow. Black Willow – for it’s plain as anyone can see, we’re simply meant to be 😉

Let me count the other ways I love this shop:

  • I really love black and white, once a referee, always a referee
  • I love the occult
  • I love all of the references such as The Addams Family, Beetlejuice, Pulp Fiction and just everything halloween-y.
  • I love the featured artist on most of the goods too, Lupe Flores. She’s awesome.

Wednesday Addams Pin Set from Black Willow Gallery

Black Willow Gallery Wednesday Buttons

So what did you get already??, I can here you ask. Let me show you! I only got three goodies because I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree lately as my daytime business is doing really well. So I tried to control myself because I wanted to put everything in my cart. First up is this cute pin set of Wednesday Friday Addams, who is one of my spirit animals. “I’m not perky.”

BlackWillowGallery Wednesday Buttons

This is a picture of the buttons from my personal Instagram, with one of the cute cards that came in the package. Unfortunately it looks like this item is sold out, but there are other buttons and bottle openers available. Items do seem to be restocked often, so I would check back if you really love this or email the shop owner. The buttons are 1″ in diameter and features the two different designs shown.

Black Willow Gallery Candle Collection


Black Willow Candle - Midnight Haze

Look at the beautiful packaging on this candle! This is a hand poured candle made of soy wax and is in a jar with a metal twist lid. There are two fragrances available in the shop:

  1. Dark Passion – “Smells like fresh bouquet of roses.”
  2. Midnight Haze – “Smells like oak, pine and musk undertones.”

This is Midnight Haze and it’s a dark grey wax with a black and white label of an awesome creepy chic with an apothecary potion. To me it smells like a sophisticated Irish spring (the soap) with a darker, muskier twist. The smell is strong enough that you can enjoy it by just popping off the lid and leaving it open on your desk. It’s too pretty to set on fire!

Ouija Board Art Print by Lupe Flores

Black Willow Ouija Board Print

And last is my favorite, this 8″ x 10″ print titled “Ouija Board“. It’s richly grey toned in person and such a beautiful print. I can’t believe it was only $12.00! I loved it so much I bought a frame the day after I received it and it’s already hanging up. I’m loving it!

If you like these goodies and you want to see more of Black Willow Galleries goodies and Lupe Flores artwork, then choose your click:

Keep it creepy.

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