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Sally Hansen Sugar Coat B&W Textured Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial

Crushed deep black space and diamond milky ways! This is an easy and cool way to use the new Sally Hansen Sugar Coat nail polishes, which I am in love with. I will do a full review of the polish line soon, but they are really easy to use and have such a unique texture. They spark so many design ideas that I cannot wait to show off.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat B&W Galaxy Nail Art

I received a lot of compliments on this manicure when I wore it out and about, and everyone remarked that it must have taken me a long time. But it doesn’t, it is actually really fast and the textured polish and glitter do all of the work for you.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat B&W Galaxy Nail Art Featured

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat B&W Textured Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial

tutorial-sally-hansen-sugar-coat-bw-galaxy-step-1Sally Hansen Sugar Coat B&W Galaxy Nails Step 2Sally Hansen Sugar Coat B&W Galaxy Nails Step 3Sally Hansen Sugar Coat B&W Galaxy Nails Step 4Sally Hansen Sugar Coat B&W Galaxy Nails Step 5Sally Hansen Sugar Coat B&W Galaxy Nails Step 6

Textured B&W Galaxy Steps

Start by preparing your nails by giving yourself a good manicure. You may also want to use a basecoat, or better yet use a white-glue basecoat for easy removal. No top coat on this manicure to keep the texture in full effect.

  1. Gather Your Supplies:
    • Basecoat or white-glue basecoat
    • Textured base color nail polish
    • Two metallic polishes of matching metals, a shimmer and a glitter topcoat. Or mix metals, that could look great too!
    • Kitchen or make-up sponge, broken into little, itty bits
    • Tweezers (optional, for control)
    • Plastic bag or parchment paper (to protect your tabletop but not absorb your polish)
    • Acetone or DIY Acetone-Glycerin
    • Clean up brush or Q-tips
  2. Textured Coat – Apply 1-2 thin coats of your textured base color nail polish, or follow the directions on the bottle. I find that with these textured polishes more thin coats is better than fewer medium-thick coats to get an even texture. Here I used two thin coats.
  3. Sponge Galaxies – Use a little piece of sponge that is slightly damp and dip it into your metallic shimmer polish. First dab it once on your plastic so it won’t glob onto the nail, then dab it onto the nail in stripes and swirls to create “milky way” streaks across the nail.
  4. Galaxy Coverage – Go over your chosen areas with 1-3 coats until you have something similar to this, but don’t use too much polish or you will loose the dimensionality. I love how the texture allows the base color to peak through.
  5. Galaxy Glitter – Using your metallic glitter, use the “dabble” method to create a medium-thick coat over your metallic sponged areas only.
  6. Clean Up – Use a stiff angled brush dipped in acetone to clean up your cuticle line to perfection. Once your design is dry, moisturize and your done!

Get The Look

For this look I used:

  • Sally Hansen – Lick-O-Rich (sugar coat)
  • Orly – Dazzle
  • Pure Ice – Dazzle Me

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat B&W Galaxy Nail Art Feature

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat B&W Galaxy Nails Close Up

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  1. Bella

    I love it! I have never thought of only doing stripes over the nail!!! I am so in love with your nails no wonder you so many complements! I am doing my first galaxy nail art right now!

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