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Black Cat Nails


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Shocked Black Cat Nails

This has been a long time coming, naturally! I was inspired by Simply Rins – and I didn’t do her design justice at ALL! I really tried but drawing on my tiny nails is so hard. I wanted to take a picture of these anyway because I know if I keep practicing, it will only get better next time.

Shocked Black Cats

First I painted on the base coat and put a regular top coat – that was my first mistake. Since this Salon Perfect glitter “Shocked” is a mix of pink and blue micro-glitters, it has a really textured surface that isn’t good for nail art at all. When I do this again I will make sure I use a thick coat of Seche Vite before drawing.

Shocked Black Cats

To draw the cats I first used a detail brush to make two little triangles for the ears. Then I grabbed a medium sized dotting tool and drew ovals for the heads. I switched back to the detail brush to draw the whiskers and the neck then waited for that to dry.

Shocked Black Cats Close Up

Last I drew the eyes – first I used the same medium dotting tool and made two green dots on each cat head. After that dried I attempted to make a little kitty pupil with the detail brush dipped in black one last time.

Salon Perfect Neon Collision Polishes

Okay, so I really wish I hadn’t looked up the polish line for this base polish I used here, because now I MUST HAVE THEM ALL! These polishes are 100% micro-dot glitters in a clear base. I currently have only two of them, Kaboom and Shocked. I have always looked suspecting that there were others, but never saw them. I found these at Walmart, but I hardly see them anymore.

The complete line:

  • Bang – Orange and yellow (more golden)
  • Exploaded – Orange and yellow (more pinkish)
  • Jolt – Yellow and orange (more yellow)
  • Kaboom – Teal and lime green (more teal)
  • Shocked – Pink and blue (used here)
  • Zapped – Lime green and blue (more lime)

Salon Perfect Neon Collision Polishes Reviews and Swatches

Shocked Black Cat Nails – Get The Look

For this look I used:

  • Salon Perfect – Shocked
  • Bella Acrylic Paint – Black
  • Pure Ice – Home Run
  • Bundle Monster – Medium dotting tool
  • No brand tiny detail brush
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat

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