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More of the Best Nail Art Blogs – LabMuffin

Nail Art by LapMuffin

Nail Art by LabMuffin

I have added a new blog to the exclusive list of “Blogs I Love“, LabMuffin! There are a LOT of nail blogs out there, but among all of them there are some that just stand out. What makes LabMuffin stand out? So many things, but if I had to pick my top reasons: LabMuffin

  • Above all else, her fun scientific approach alone on a lot of her posts makes the blog worth following.
  • Pretty nail polish swatches and reviews, along with reviews of lots of beauty products.
  • Artsy Wednesday – A weekly nail art challenge with a few blogs that participate. Every week they do their nails in a theme and post the results.
  • Lots of cute and funky nail art as well, of course!

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