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Black and White Glitter Placement – Nail Art Nov13

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Today’s “Black + White” nail art for the @californails November challenge was inspired by Lindsay of @nailthataccent on Instagram. I reversed the colors for my mani, and used a black glitter instead of silver although it is hard to tell. The glitter is just so SPARKLY!! The awesome black matte polish is “Rascal” by Mentality Nail Polish. It has a super smooth formula with just a hint of shimmer, which I hope you can see here. It’s beautiful and reminds me of newly laid asphalt when it has a hint of quartz.

Black and White Glitter Placement Bottle

Black and White Glitter Placement Close

Like Lindsay, this was also my first time trying glitter placement and at first I was really intimidated by the concept. It did take a little bit of extra time to cut the glitters just right, but I think the result was well worth the time. What do you think?

Black and White Glitter Placement Bottle

Black & White Glitter Placement – Get The Look

For this look I used:

  • Sinful Colors – Snow Me White
  • Mentality Nail Polish – Rascal
  • Born Pretty Store – 12 Color Hexagonal Glitter Set
  • Clear Topcoat (to adhere glitter)
  • Bundle Monster – Small Dotting Tool (to place glitter)
  • Nail clippers (to cut glitter)

Born Pretty Store Large Hex Glitter

Born Pretty StoreIf you want to re-create this look you can get this 12-pack of large hex glitter from the Born Pretty Store. I found them really easy to use and feel like this will last for TONS of manicures. Use my awesome discount code, BCKW10 to get 10% off your entire order. Shipping is always free and ships within 24 hours.

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  1. Hey Arden stopping by from Will Paint Nails for Food. Love your blog layout and design. Is that your kitty cat, up there? Site seems very easy to navigate, except I must be blind I had a little trouble finding the bloglovin link (think that was totally me though). Only thing I could say is maybe make your pictures a little bigger, I am a visual person and love to see the picture fill the width of the page.

    • Thanks for stopping by Crystal! I appreciate your feedback.

      I understand about the Bloglovin’, I am actually thinking of adding the RSS follows to the new sticky navigation. I have thought about making the pictures bigger as well – my programmer is also my best friend so it’s more of a hilarious debate 😉 . He wants to keep the load times down and I want the pictures to be HUGE. Our compromise was the lightbox when you click on a photo that allows you to view a larger image. I wonder if that worked for you and still wasn’t as large as you would like? Or maybe you prefer just not using that type of feature?

      I have to say I like larger pictures too!

  2. Hey, I’m here thanks to WPNFF critique thing and I must say I love your blog’s design! It’s so clean. Your photos are great quality and your skin looks perfectly healthy, writing is totally fine and I just have nothing to be critical about 😀 great job 🙂

    • Thank you Margee! I used to have really horrible skin, and my right hand still suffers a bit actually, but it’s much better now. This blog has lead me to take MUCH better care of my skin so I really appreciate you noticing!

  3. Hi, I found my way here from the WPNFF Group Critique. I really really love your blog! It’s super easy to navigate, your posts are organized really well, and your photos are spot on. I feel silly commenting because I don’t have any suggestions, I think you’re doing an awesome job and you definitely just gained a follower 🙂

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