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Spot On Black and White Nails – Salon Perfect Mod Squad

I didn’t expect these simple black and white nails to stand out and POP so much. But these really do and I ended up loving this a lot more than I imagined it in my head.

Salon Perfect Spot On Black and White Nails

First I painted my three nails white and coated them with Seche Vite and waited for them to dry. Next I used scotch tape and painted the black sections. Last, I used my new Salon Perfect Mod Squad polish called “Spot On”. Using a toothpick I did a quick glitter placement on my accent nail and down the centers of each color split. Kind of looks like an interlocking design in the right light!

Salon Perfect Spot On Black and White Nails Close-Up

I found that for a normal glitter topper, “Spot On” is a pain in the ASS! It looks like it has tons of glitter in the bottle but really it’s mostly clear top coat with scattered glitters. However, it is kinda perfect for glitter placement. I just took out drips or wiped the brush on a piece of paper and picked up the circle glitters with a toothpick. I’ll have a full review of these round glitter toppers “Mod Squad” from Salon Perfect up on the blog soon.

Salon Perfect Spot On Black and White Nails with Bottle

Spot On Black and White Nails – Get The Look

For this look I used:

  • Salon Perfect – Spot On (mod squad)
  • Sinful Colors – Snow Me White
  • Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • Scotch tape – For taping the black sections
  • Elmer’s – Craft Glue (for easy removal of glitter accent nail)
  • Toothpick – For glitter placement
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat


    • It is a really cool look! I don’t have many round glitter toppers. I’ll have a full review soon but unfortunately the black round glitters had a couple issues – many of them were not full circles and the black color easily scratches off if you’re not careful. But I don’t care – I kinda love it anyway!

  1. I really like that mani, I will have to play around with my dotting tool – don’t really feel like buying some more glitter, but love the look!

    • OH MY GOD YES! I didn’t even see that until you said it and I loved that game. I didn’t play on Nintendo but I had the actual game, with the board lined in green felt and everything!

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