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Sticky Nails I Know You Limited Edition

Press Sample

I am excited to show you the Limited Edition stencil set “I Know You” from Sticky Nails and Pretty Jelly. This came out a bit ago, but I thought that this was a perfect Halloween look! This stencil set is inspired by the “villainous” characters in the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty. The set includes Maleficent’s headdress, the Firebreather dragon, Diablo the raven and some deep chevrons and magical “squiggly” lines.

Sticky Nails I Know You Diablo Raven Nail Art

I choose to use Diablo in honor of the holiday, of course! I used painters tape and a whole punch to stencil on the top orb of Maleficent’s staff that Diablo usually is resting on. Then I used a stripping brush to outline it with a lighter yellow, and a q-tip to create a little texture. Then I used the Diablo stencil to add him on top. Here is a close up of Diablo the raven.

Sticky Nails I Know You Diablo Raven Nail Art Close Up

Let’s talk holo polish. This is actually my first – and I am in LOVE! Pretty Jelly’s “I Know You” is has a shiny gun-metal gray base with a rainbow holo. It is absolutely beautiful! My iPhone camera did not do it justice at all but below you will see a sunlight photograph by Sticky Nails that really shows this polish off. Here is a macro of the polish in the bottle – love that rainbow sparkle! It does seem to take on a bit of green tone close up…

Sticky Nails I Know You Pretty Jelly Polish

Last I used the deep V chevron stencils in the set and a matching glittery green polish to add the V’s. I really like Sticky Nails stencils, and this set is no exception. Awhile back I did a full review of Sticky Nails stencils with full details. The Pretty Jelly polish was a very nice bonus and right now I am completely coveting her “Interstellar Dreams” collection. It is a Galaxy Edition multi-chrome holographic polish set with 5 different colors. All Pretty Jelly polishes are 5-Free and cruelty free.

Sticky Nails I Know You Diablo Raven Nail Art with Bottle

Sticky Nails I Know You “Diablo” – Get The Look

For this look I used:

  • Pure Ice – Lucky Charming
  • Bundle Monster – Stripping brush
  • Q-tip
  • Bella – Sunflower (acrylic paint)
  • Bella – Lemon (acrylic paint)
  • Sticky Nails & Pretty Jelly – I Know You Polish & Stencil Set
  • Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat
Sticky Nails I Know You Polish & Stencil Set

I Know You  & Once Upon a Dream Nail Stencils by Sticky Nails

Sticky Nails I Know You Polish & Stencil Set

“I Know You” is a set of a holo polish with matching nail stencils. This set includes:

  • Firebreather: 2 sets of a multi-nail dragon design. 4 nails make up the body of the dragon, with the final finger (or thumb) for the puff of ignited breath. 10 stencils total.
  • Diablo: A menacing raven in two different sizes. There are 3 small and 2 large for 5 total ravens.
  • Headdress: An iconic horn headdress with a widow’s peak. There are 3 small and 2 large for 5 total.
  • Wicked V: Deep V stencils that make your nails look pointy and claw-like. Use the inside pieces for extra V action. 24 pieces total.
  • Conjuring: Short strips of magical flame abstract nail art. 20 pieces total.
  • Pretty Jelly “I Know You” rainbow holo polish. The polish is made to work with the stencils as the base or accent color. It is opaque in 2-3 coats on its own, or 1 coat over another color. Each polish is 5ml.

The companion Once Upon a Dream polish and stencil set is sold out, unfortunately.

Sticky Nails I Know You Polish & Stencil Set Examples

Sticky Nails I Know You Polish & Stencil Set Examples by Sticky Nails

Sticky Nails I Know You Polish

Sticky Nails I Know You Polish Swatch in Sun by Sticky Nails


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