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NOTD: Bloody Drips on Flesh Nail Art

Does anyone else out there get excited for Halloween early like I do? It doesn’t help with Dexter coming to an end right now, sadly there are only a couple of episodes left. So today’s nail of the day pays tribute to Halloween and Dexter with Bloody Drips on Flesh!

This is my first attempt at the “drip/drippy nail” trend. I was inspired to finally give it a try when I saw the blue drip nails by Beth Soanes of Nail-Tastic in the July/August 2013 issue of Nail It! I tried to find a link to her nail art but couldn’t find it on her site. I like how she reversed the drip making it come from the cuticle!

Bloody Drips on Flesh Nail Art

Bloody Drips on Flesh Nail Art Bottle

Bloody Drips on Flesh Nail Art – Get The Look

For this look I used:

  • Sinful Colors – Snow Me White (undie)
  • Sally Hansen – I Do (diamond strength)
  • Wet n Wild – I Red a Good Book (megalast)
  • Bundle Monster – Various sized dotting tools
  • No Brand – Thin, small detailing brush (size #00, from Amazon)
  • Bundle Monster – Small, flat brush (half sized polish brush)

Bloody Drips on Flesh Nail Art Close Up

Bloody Drips on Flesh Nail Art – Quick Steps

  1. Apply your basecoat.
  2. Apply 2 thin coats of white polish, or one thick, even coat as an undie.
  3. Use a transparent nude polish to give a dimensional “flesh” look. You can roll up steps 2 & 3 by just using a flesh-colored polish, but I don’t have one!
  4. Use your dotting tools to put 3-5 dots on each nail at various distances from where your blood moons will be, drawing the tool down toward your cuticle to make a drip.
  5. Use the detailing brush to create an outline for your moons – connect your drops from above, making reverse drip shapes with the flesh color, if that makes sense.
  6. Use the small, flat brush to fill in the blood moon, using the outline you created above.
  7. I went without a top-coat for this design and put the drips on really thick to add more dimensionality to the BLOOD!

Bloody Drips on Flesh Nail Art Flat


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  2. Wowza! I never even knew my picture had featured in the magazine so to find out that not only did it feature, but that it inspired someone else literally just made my week! Thank you, and I love your design!! Such a cute Halloween idea, I’ll have to give these another go! I never actually published the nails on my blog as I thought they weren’t that good as I hadn’t actually heard back from the magazine but thank you girly! 🙂

    • My pleasure, I love the look and just seeing everyone featured in the magazine. Must have been so exciting!

      I know what you mean about not publishing — I find some of the looks I maybe don’t personally like much myself, others actually enjoy a lot. I’ve learned to just publish them all, lol! Happy painting!

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