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Best Nail Art Accounts on Instagram – Part 3 Nail Polish Brands

With the plethora of nail artists and nail polish related accounts on Instagram you might wonder, “Who is worth following?”. I have trouble with this myself, and I actually follow about 450 artists, indie polish makers, and commercial brands on Instagram at any given time. And the list seems to always be growing – crazy, I know! Now that I have been using Instagram for a while, I have certain accounts that I really LOVE and I am constantly liking and commenting on their photos. But even then, there are SO many great accounts to follow! In this series of posts I will share my absolute favorite accounts grouped by the type of account so you can find just what you are looking for and feel that special glow of falling in love with some new nail art. Posts in this series will focus on:

Black Cat Nails on Instagram

If you don’t already, I hope that you follow me on Instagram! I have two accounts – one that supports the blogs where I also post about my “nail life” and a second feature account for “alternative nails.”

Black Cat Nails on Instagram

@BlackCatNails on Instagram

Alternative Nails on Instagram

@Alternative_Nails on Instagram

My Top Commercial Brand Accounts

There are a lot of nail polish brands that I purchase that do have Instagram accounts, but for whatever reason many of these accounts are stagnant, and just not very much fun to follow. That is not true of these brands! They have great pictures, post regularly, show their products off really well, and include lots of fashion AND real world pictures. Do you know of any other fun and funky brands that I should be following? Let me know in the comments!

Sephora on Instagram

@sephora on Instagram

Lime Crime on Instagram

@limecrimemakeup on Instagram

China Glaze on Instagram

@chinaglazeofficial on Instagram

NCLA  on Instagram

@shopncla on Instagram

Voilent Lips on Instagram

@violentlips on Instagram

Nail It! Magazine on Instagram

@nailitmag on Instagram

Rimmel London UK on Instagram

@rimmellondonuk on Instagram

Born Pretty Store  on Instagram

@bornprettystore on Instagram

Colour Gossip Nails on Instagram

@colourgossipnails on Instagram

Floss Gloss Ltd  on Instagram

@flossgloss on Instagram

Incoco on Instagram

@incocopolish on Instagram

Bohem Jewellery on Instagram

@bohemjewellery on Instagram

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