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Broke Another One – Playing with Nail Shapes

So a few weeks ago I had another nail break, but this one was actually really bad. I don’t want to show it to you, because it was just too ugly. But this pink line is where it broke. It did hurt when it happened, but not too bad. However, it hurt and stung like a b*tch when it was growing back the part that is attached to my skin/nail bed, ouch!

Broke My Nail Again

And what was the culprit of this break? Roller derby of course, again. I actually don’t think I have broken a nail for any other reason. The worst part was that it was still attached in the middle but was bent totally back, and I was in the middle of practice. I HAD to tear it off to be able to keep practicing (I couldn’t just leave it flapping there in the wind). I did hesitate ripping it off for a good minute though. It had to be done. It didn’t bleed – I must be a freak of nature but my nails just never bleed when they break.

Before cutting them down I wanted to play with nail shape again AND come up with a solution to stop breaking my nails. First things first, now that I am playing “real” roller derby I have no business having them SO long. All this awesome length has to go. It was really nice for a time and I was having fun seeing just how long I could grow them, since I had never had anything but nubbins before this blog.

But if I am going to sacrifice length, I don’t want to also give up my new pointed shape which I have fallen in love with. Inspired again by Craftynail, I tried this shape out and I really, really love these “petite points”. I have also found that this shape is much easier to maintain since the sides don’t get caught on anything. Here is what they look like painted and designed, with my weird broken nail thrown in the mix. At least it has finally grown out to a normal length!

Pink Painted Petite Points

Part Pointed Pink Leopard Print

I can’t WAIT to sport this awesome new shorter shape – just a couple more weeks!

Sparkly Pink Leopard Print – Get The Look

For this look I used:

  • Sally Hansen – Pink Promise (diamond strength)
  • New York Color – Wine Bar
  • Sally Hansen – Black Diamonds (diamond strength)
  • Bundle Monster – Small and Medium Dotting Tool
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat


  1. Loraine

    how long did it take for the nail to grow back to that length? i broke mine pretty deep too and it kind of hurts..

    • Hi Loraine! Sorry about your break, always so sad. Growing those short pointy claws takes me about 2 weeks I would guess. My nails seem to grow at a normal rate – not slow or fast (I think). They used to grow really slowly before I started taking vitamins.

  2. The Miss Honey

    Hey thank you for your post , I’ve saved your blog to follow and also followed you on Instagram! Thanks so much for inspiration. Love from the UK xx

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