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Silver Disco Ball Nail Art

Really fast manicure with MAXIMUM impact! Silver foil like fast dry base and a silver glitter packed polish gives a fast disco ball effect.

Silver Disco Ball Nail Art

Get The Look

  • Orly – Dazzle
  • Pure Ice – Dazzle Me

So funny, when I grabbed these I had no idea they had the same name! Orly Dazzle is one of my top polishes, it is a fast dry polish that dries in just a few minutes, so it make a great base for any manicure. Dazzle Me from Pure Ice is super sparkly, I tried to capture how each glitter changes through all the rainbow colors, which you can see on my middle finger.

Both of these polishes are a little difficult to remove without the soaking method; the Orly leaves little silver sparkles behind and the Pure Ice just wants to stick around. But both are totally worth 5 minutes of soaking for all that gorgeous shine!

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