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Melted Metallic Rainbow Gradient – Sally Hansen ColorFoil

I’m SO excited to show this one to you! Sometimes I get these crazy ideas in my head – when I was playing with the new Sally Hansen ColorFoil collection I suddenly wondered if you could do gradients with them. You can – and it looks pretty cool!

Melted Metallic Rainbow Gradient in Sunlight


To achieve this look I used a textured, latex free make-up sponge. The texture of the sponge is what created that neat, multi-dimensional “melty” look. This polish recommends that you do not use a topcoat and just 2 layers of polish. I dabbed on as many times as I needed, up to 6 layers, without too much trouble. The polish sometimes didn’t want to stick on the tips , but I may not have let enough dry time between coats. I also used a super thick coat of topcoat. Sometimes rules were meant to be broken!

Melted Metallic Rainbow Gradient in Lightbox


I did a full review of these polishes just a bit ago, if you want to know more. I really love this collection of polishes, despite the fact that you can’t use a basecoat with them.  These polishes shine almost exactly like nail foils, go on fairly easily and have BIG impact. Love!

I actually think this gradient ended up looking like I had used nail wraps, which is kinda neat. What do you think – do you like this look or think it looks messy?

Photography Note

This is my first post using my iPhone, which is now my main camera. I’m still working out the kinks, it’s a whole new set up. I wish I had more photos of this look, but because photography is not my forte, it was taking too long and I had to leave to do errands. While I was out the manicure chipped – they aren’t long lasting polishes which I put in my review. But it’s worth the shine!

Melted Metallic Rainbow Gradient – Get The Look

For this look I used these polishes in this order from my index to my pinky fingernail:

  • Sally Hansen – Sterling Silver
  • Sally Hansen – Titanium Flush
  • Sally Hansen – Purple Alloy
  • Sally Hansen – Cobalt Chrome
  • Sally Hansen – Liquid Gold
  • Elmer’s – Craft Glue (for easy clean up around your cuticle)
  • Textured makeup wedge sponge
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat


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