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Sally Hansen Triple Shine Redflection Review & Swatch

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Redification Top

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Today I have a full review of the Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail polish line and swatches of one of my favorites that I own, Redflection. It may not seem fancy or special in the bottle, but I think it’s the perfect deep, vampy cranberry red. I actually own 10 Triple Shine polishes now. I purchased most of them at Walgreens on clearance for just $0.64 to $1.29! So I couldn’t pass that up. The 10 that I own and I love every single one of them:

  • Hypnautical
  • Kelp Out
  • Make Waves
  • Redflection – Perfect deep red.
  • Scale Up – Here is a beach look I did using Scale Up.
  • Seanic
  • Sparks Fly
  • Twinkled Pink
  • Wavy Blue – Another one of my favorites, it’s really pretty in the sun!
  • Wet Suit – I REALLY like this grey!

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Redflection with Bottle

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish Review

  • Price – $4.59-$5.99 at mass drug stores (non sale) or $4.99 on Amazon – Redflection on Amazon
  • Official Site – Sally Hansen Triple Shine
  • Description – Solid and shimmery nail polish colors that dry with a high gloss-shine.
  • Best Use – Solid polish, gradients, nail art, and watermarble.
  • Size – 0.33 oz/10 ml
  • Packaging – Slim, elongated polish bottle that is fatter in the middle. Has a skinnier black handle underneath the decorative “Triple Shine” label cap. I recommend taking the decorative cap off before use because it will slip off!
  • Brush – Not a standard size brush, these polishes have a flat, wider brush with a cuticle-like curved end. I have smaller nails and find that this brush fits perfectly into my cuticle area and makes for a very easy to apply stroke.
  • Ingredients – Big 3 Free (full list available on their official site)
  • Cruelty Free  – Yes. Read more on Sally Hansen FAQs page.
  • Special Instructions – Use with Triple Shine top coat.
  • Formula/Uniformity – The formula IS smooth and nice, even the glitters come out with good distribution. My only issue is I’ve only had them a few weeks at most and with the solid colors I can see that they have started to separate already. I can mostly roll-shake them back to normal, but not all the way. BUT the separation doesn’t seem to affect how the polish looks or applies on the nail.
  • Opacity – All are very sheer on first coat but build to opacity nicely in three thin coats. The bottle says to apply 2, but I would recommend three thin coats.
  • Dry Time – Dries fast. Tacky (will leave a dent or fingerprint) dry in 5 minutes, mostly dry in 10 and fully dry in about 20.
  • Durability – Is long-lasting and so is the shine. I didn’t have tip wear until day 3-4, which usually for me takes only a day or two.
  • Removal – Creams are very easy to remove but as to be expected the glitters require a 3-5 minute soak off or a peel-off base.
  • Staining – I did not notice any after 5 days continual wear of Redflection (with base coat).
  • Ease of Use – Very easy given the wide brush and smooth formula.
  • Recommend It – Kinda – if you can find them on sale then YES! These polishes are on the small side, all sheer with one coat with a few exceptions and the separation issue makes me wonder how long the shelf life will be. But if there is a particular color or glitter that sticks out and is unique, I would snap it up! I do like these polishes but you can find similar colors in better formulas from other brands at the same price or just a couple of dollars more.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Redflection

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Colors/Full Line

Between the 2014 collection and now with the 2015 collection released there are a total of 45 Triple Shine shades available. According to the Sally Hansen website Triple Shine polishes claims are:

  • Gloss is protected with the Ultimate Shield Complex
  • Daily defense from water and wear
  • Natural crushed pearl delivers high impact, glossy color
  • Creates non-stop shine

2015 Sally Hansen Triple Shine

I divided the 2105 collection into two parts just for convenience.

Beachy Colors:

  • Deep End – A deep, dark and moody eggplant-blue cream polish with a hint of purple.
  • Make a Splash – Baby blue iridescent polish with a pearly blue-silver finish that flashes purple.
  • Peach Party – Peachy medium-orange cream polish.
  • Pink Coconut – A medium pink cream polish, very similar to Reef-Raf from the 2014 Pop collection but more orang-y.
  • Redflection – Deep vampy, cranberry red.
  • Seastional – A dark seafoam-green cream polish.
  • Seas the Day – Dark teal cream polish.
  • Shark Bait – Medium natural beige/nude cream polish.
  • Shelling Secrets – Light baby pink sheer polish.
  • Taheati – A bright tropical orange cream polish.
  • Water Lily – A medium pink-purple mauve cream polish.
  • Watts New – A dark, deep pink/purple raspberry cream polish.
  • Wet Suit – Dusty, cloudy blue-grey cream polish.

Beachy Glitters:

  • Archipela-glow – Dark seafoam-green glitters in a clear base.
  • Changing Tides – Pink micro glitters in a translucent-pink base with some blue micro glitters.
  • Sparktacular – Orange micro glitters in a translucent-orange base with some blue micro glitters.
Sally Hansen Triple Shine 2014 Collection

Picture Credit: BeautyGeeks

2014 Sally Hansen Triple Shine

The 2014 collection is divided into three separate parts and there are a total of 29 shades plus the top coat.


  • Bait Me – A light silvery-grey iridescent polish with a silver shimmer.
  • Blow Bubbles – A medium bubble-gum pink iridescent polish with a medium-pink shimmer.
  • Clam Up – A light silvery-pink iridescent polish with an even lighter-pink shimmer.
  • Drama Sheen – A light silvery-purple iridescent polish with a darker-purple shimmer.
  • Great White – A light silvery-grey iridescent polish with a silver shimmer.
  • Oyster Bar – A silvery iridescent polish with a foil finish.
  • Pool Party – A light silvery-blue iridescent polish with a medium-blue shimmer.
  • Make Waves – Iridescent, shimmery sea blue that shifts from blue to a shiny emerald-green.
  • Slick Black – An iridescent black polish with a silver and blue shimmer.

Pop (Bright Colors):

  • Dive In – A medium turquoise blue-green cream polish.
  • Flame On – A darker bright pink iridescent polish with a pinkish purple shimmer.
  • Kelp Out – Sheer kermit or grass-green. Builds to opacity in about three thin coats.
  • Lemon Shark – A bright lemon yellow cream polish with a hint of green.
  • Pixie Slicks – Light bubble-gum pink cream polish.
  • Play Koi – A bright orange-red cream polish, leaning more orange.
  • Red Snapper – A bright red-orange cream polish, leaning more red.
  • Reef-Raf – A tropical coral-pink cream polish.
  • Statemint – A bright lemon-lime Chartreuse cream polish.
  • Vanity Flare – Deep royal purple cream polish.

Fanta-Sea (Glitters):

  • Dream Sequins – Metallic copper micro glitters in a clear base.
  • Fanta-Sea – Blue-green and silver micro glitters in a clear base.
  • Hypnautical – Teal glitter topper with micro iridescent teal glitters and medium foil shards.
  • Pearly Whites – Iridescent/Clear glitter topper with micro iridescent glitters and medium foil shards.
  • Scale Up – Light lime glitter topper with micro iridescent light lime glitters and medium foil shards.
  • Seanic – Emerald green micro glitters in a clear base.
  • Sparkling Water – A deep teal-blue shimmer polish with silver and blue micro glitters.
  • Sparks Fly – Blue glitter topper with micro medium-blue glitters and medium-sized silver and blue hex glitters.
  • Twinkled Pink – Pink glitter topper with micro medium-pink glitters and medium-sized silver and pink hex glitters.
  • Wavy Blue – Deep royal blue polish with micro lighter blue glitters throughout giving it a shimmer quality that flashes purple and pink in the light.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Directions

  1. Prime with 1-2 coats of basecoat.
  2. The bottle says to apply 2 coats of the Triple Shine color of your choice, although I suggest three thin coats. Here I used “Redflection” #440, three thin coats, no top coat.
  3. Seal with Triple Shine Top Coat (claims of wear, etc. only valid if you also use their top coat too)

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