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Walmart/Sally Beauty Haul May 2013

Best Birthday Presents! Nail polish!

I went totally crazy when I was allowed to pick out my own presents from Walmart and Sally Beauty. I had never looked at the nail polish selection at Walmart before, it is HUGE! I usually am all business while at Walmart, so it took me by surprise that they had so many brands throughout the make-up brands PLUS a whole wall of other miscellaneous brands such as Essie, Hard Candy, Milani, Nicole by Opi, Sinful Colors, Sally Hansen, Pure Ice, etc. And they were all mostly $4 a bottle and under!

Needless to say my entire nail art supply collection no longer fits in my old bin!

Pastel Nail Polish Haul 05 2013

Pastel polish haul from Walmart from left to right:

  • Sinful Colors – Snow Me White
  • Pure Ice – Love
  • Sally Hansen – Mellow Yellow (xtreme wear)
  • Maybelline – Green with Envy (color show)
  • Sally Hansen – Blue-Away (insta-dri)
  • Maybelline – Iced Queen (color show)

Glitter Nail Polish Haul 05 2013

Glitter polish haul from Walmart (and China Glaze from Sally Beauty) from left to right:

  • China Glaze – Ruby Pumps
  • Hard Candy – Fireworks
  • Hard Candy – Pink Taffy
  • Hard Candy – Gummy Green
  • Pure Ice – Never Satisfied

Striper Nail Polish Haul 05 2013

Striper polish haul from Sally Beauty from left to right:

  • So Easy – Silver (stripe rite)
  • Finger Paints – Ch-art-coal Black
  • Finger Paints – You’re Kiln Me
  • Finger Paints – Caric-art-ure
  • Finger Paints – Art Hue Serious?
  • Finger Paints – Hue Gotta Be Kidding Me
  • Finger Paints – Royal Renoir
  • So Easy – Blue Metallic (stripe rite)

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