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Opi Nail Envy Progress July 2013

Wow. Just one word, and that is WOW! I am officially in love with Opi Nail Envy nail strengthener!

My nails have never been so long or strong. Every time I look down at my hand I swear I am looking at someone else’s hand, it is so strange for them to be in such great shape.

Opi Nail Envy Nail Strengthener

Opi Nail Envy Progress

Here is what my nails typically looked like about a month and a half ago BEFORE I started to take better care of my hands – also known as dry cuticles, hangnails, horrible deep splits, and little nubbins even after trying to grow them out.

Nail Care – Naked Nails May 2013

On May 13 I started an easy nail care routine and trimmed my nails down as much as I could to get a “fresh” start. But many of the splits, such as on my pointer and middle finger went deeper than just the tip. But look at how my nail care routine improved the condition of my cuticles!

Nail Health After 1 Week

After this I started using Opi Nail Envy under each manicure and on it’s own for at least 2-3 days a week. I pretty much won’t leave the house without at least two coats on because I swear you can feel the difference in the thickness of your nail, it is like a coat of teflon! There is actually a science to it, which I will explain in the review.

At first I clipped my nails a few millimeters every couple days to grow out the splits, which are still there under the coats of Opi Nail Envy. In fact my pointer was so bad I glued it to try to keep it from going further down, which finally worked. Here is my progress after about a month on June 14 with regular trimmings.

Opi Nail Envy Progress on June 14

And here are my completely naked nubbies today. I still have the very last of the splits on my pointer and middle, but FINALLY they are almost gone. I would just trim them off, but I am too in love with having length, and unfortunately my nails don’t grow super fast.

Opi Nail Envy Progress on July 6

Last but not least, here is what they look like with Nail Envy on, see how the splits are much less noticeable? I didn’t smooth them out or anything. I can’t wait to see what my nails look like in another month! You can get OPI Nail Envy from Amazon for reasonable prices.

Opi Nail Envy on July 6


  1. Hellen Jones

    I to having been using Nail Envy for the last two months and my nails are long, strong and keep on growing. I cannot believe how good this product is! I started with fake nails in 1992 and until this year they remained on. Now it has saved me a fortune!

  2. joanne

    I have ordered this off amazon as i have had my acrylic nails removed and need something to strengthen my weak thin nails, i hope it works, my nails aren’t that bad but could be better

  3. the beth

    Going to try this stuff out, stat. Your “before” picture is like looking at my own nails, especially the poor cuticles and deep splits, even the cracks on my thumb nail like yours. I have been putting off doing something to help my nails, mostly because I didn’t feel like researching what product to try. Randomly stumbled upon this, and your nails look great, so… that was easy enough! 🙂

    • Glad you found the site! Yeah the Nail Envy helps a lot with all the nail splits, but the cuticles and improved skin was for sure from my skin care routine. Hope it works out for you, good luck!

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