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Polish Reviews & Large Nail Haul June 2013

I will admit at this point I have a problem. I love nail polish! At $1 or $2 a pop, I may have gone a little overboard this last week. My collection has a least doubled this year already I am sure.

CVS Summer Pastel and Bright Nail Polishes

Lots of fun colors for summer, plus these will be perfect for the bright and funky gradients I am getting ready to do. I think I mainly have pink, blue, and purple polishes, which makes sense since these are my favorite colors, especially together.

CVS Pastel & Brights Nail Haul June 2013

Here are the polishes that I got from CVS over the week, because I’m weak and it is on my way home.

  • Sinful Colors – Beverly Hills
  • Wet n Wild – On A Trip (megalast)
  • Wet n Wild – Through the Grapevine (megalast)
  • Wet n Wild – Tickled Pink (wild shine)
  • Wet n Wild – Lavender Creme (wild shine)
  • Wet n Wild – Sunny Side Up (wild shine)

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish Review

I really like these, on the good side they are cheap ($2), you can find them EVERYWHERE, they have a consistent easy-to-work-with medium-thickness formula throughout the colors, and they have a large range of colors, including glitters. The bad, the colors can tend to be a little streaky and separate over time sooner than my more expensive polishes.

  • Price – $1.99 from CVS
  • Size – 0.5 oz/15 ml
  • Best Use – Solid Polish and Base, also great for use with nail art brushes and gradients
  • Description – Beverly Hills pictured above is a creamy, pastel medium-light purple
  • Formula – Medium-thickness that maintains it’s consistency. These polishes do tend to separate over time (maybe after a year or more) but mix back together with a little shake and are still usable.
  • Opacity – Awesome, especially for the price. Goes on opaque with one coat but looks a tiny bit lighter than in the bottle, but 2 thin coats gets you true to bottle color. Many of these polishes go on opaque in one coat.
  • Color – True to bottle (most of the line is)
  • Brush – Standard, easy to use.
  • Removal – Very easy. Try DIY Gentle Glycerin Acetone for a gentle remover option.

Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polish Review

I actually like these polishes, and only wish they had more colors available, and of course a different brush!

  • Price – $1.29 from CVS
  • Size – 0.45 oz/13.5 ml
  • Best Use – Solid Polish and Base, also great for use with nail art brushes and gradients
  • Formula – A thin-medium consistency that does almost goes on completely opaque in one coat. Very easy to work with, but these polishes tend to be just a little streaky without more than one coat.
  • Opacity – Not bad, but for the price I am not complaining! Like I said above they go on a little streaky sometimes, but in 1-2 coats you can get the colors in this line pretty and opaque.
  • Color – Most are true to bottle, like the purples I purchased here. But I have some reds that just come out pink.
  • Brush – Very wide “Manicurve Pro Brush” that I actually don’t care for at all since I have tiny nail beds. That being said, cleaning up really isn’t that difficult and you can’t argue with that price point.
  • Removal – Super easy.

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Polish Review

Good to grab when you need “that certain” color but don’t want to spend much money. Work really well for gradients since you need a couple coats anyway.

  • Price – $0.99 from CVS
  • Size – 0.43 oz/12.7 ml
  • Best Use – Solid Polish and Base, also great for gradients
  • Formula – A thin-medium consistency that does not go on opaque in one coat, sometimes not even in two. Very easy to work with, but these polishes tend to be streaky without at least two coats.
  • Opacity – Not good, but they are only a dollar. You will need 2-3 coats you can get the colors in this line opaque.
  • Color – True to bottle except for the brights, unless you put them over a white base first.
  • Brush – Standard, thin and easy to use.
  • Removal – Super easy.

CVS ‘Fun Stuff’ Nail Polishes

I also got a few fun polishes as well, all of which I fell in love with and most I still cannot wait to try, like these awesome nail wraps!CVS Fun Stuff Nail Haul June 2013Here are the details for the fun glitters, magnetics and textured goodies pictured above:

  • Maybelline –  Platinum NYC (nail wrap, color show) $8.29
  • Wet n Wild – Hallucinate $0.99
  • New York Color – Big City Dazzle (sparkle top coat) $1.99
  • Sally Hansen – Red-y Response (magnetic) $9.99
  • Sally Hansen – Lick-O-Rich (sugar coat) $5.99
  • New York Color – Shock Me NYC (crack me up) $0.99
  • New York Color – Broadway Smash (crack me up) $0.99

Check out this easy crackle nail art using New York Color “Broadway Smash”, a really fun crackle textured effect top coat.

Walmart Glitter Nail Polishes

I am most excited about all the AWESOME new glitters that I got from Walmart. The silver glitter “Kaleidoscope” was a complete accident. I had decided that I really loved “Hallucinate” and wanted to grab two more bottles because I have a feeling I will be putting it on everything, but grabbed the silver glitter by accident. Oh well, now I have plenty of both!

Walmart Glitter Nail Haul June 2013


Great glitters I grabbed:

  • Maybelline – Pretty In Polka (color show) $2.97
  • Hard Candy – Masquerade $4.00<>
  • Sally Hansen – Wool Lite (fuzzy coat) $5.99
  • Wet n Wild – Kaleidoscope $0.93
  • Wet n Wild – Hallucinate $0.93

Get a full review of the cool Sally Hansen “Fuzzy Coat” bar glitter nail polishes, with a few design ideas thrown in as well.

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