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Disappearing Heartbeat Nail Design

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This is the manicure that I wore on Valentines day, inspired by so many others that have done the heartbeat manicure, (see below) but I wanted to add something new to the design, my own little twist. So I broke out one of my favorite, save-for-special-occasions-only nail polishes, the color changing Lipstick Yakuza to create a special disappearing act.

First I created an easy and fun base, a contrasting sponged tip. To get this look I put a white undie underneath a light coat of pink. Using a tiny piece of dry kitchen sponge, I lightly applied a darker pink to the tips in 3 thin coats, making sure to leave some of the lighter pink poking through in places.

Disappearing Heartbeat Base

Have I mentioned that I am bad at drawing hearts? That’s why I grabbed my Sticky Nails Accent Nail Art Stencils and created this perfect heart on my middle nail – easy-peasy. Last I used a stripping brush to create a “heartbeat” line across all of the nails. The first picture is of the polish at room temperature or warm, second is of the polish getting cold, and last and darkest design is when the polish is cold. This design was so much fun every time I washed my hands!

Disappearing Heartbeat Warm

Disappearing Heartbeat Chilled

Disappearing Heartbeat Cold

Other Bloggers Heartbeat Designs

Here are a few lovely heartbeat designs from other bloggers:

Disappearing Heartbeat – Get The Look

For this look I used:

  • Sinful Colors – Snow Me White (undie)
  • Wet n Wild – Tickled Pink (wild shine)
  • Bella Acrylic Paint – Raspberry Sorbet
  • Chromato-4 Lacquers – Lipstick Yakuza
  • Sticky Nails – Accent Nail Art Stencils
  • Bundle Monster – Long striper brush
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat
Sticky Nails Accent Nail Art Stickers

Sticky Nails Accent Nail Art Stickers

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Press Sample


  1. Gorgeous design! So fun that you did this with a color changing polish 🙂 And I adore the base “gradient”, it reminds me of fire and smoke and wildly splashing water! (yes, it reminds me of a lot haha)

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