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NOTD: Easy Dry Marble Effect Nail Art

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Today’s Nail of the Day is a really quick and easy dry marble effect done without water. I wanted to create a bright, cheery nail to brighten up this rare gray day here in San Diego, California. I choose bright pinks, teal and purple to really make the nail design pop.

Easy Dry Marble Effect Nail Art

To create this effect put on a thick layer of pink as a basecoat, but instead of letting it dry immediately put on large drops of each of the other colors plus another drop or two more of your base color. Then using a toothpick or pin quickly drag the colors into each other making neat swirls – it will also even out the surface if you drag the polish around just right. It doesn’t need to be perfect though – a couple layers of a good topcoat, like Seche Vite that I used here, will even it all out.

Easy Dry Marble Effect Nail Art Close Up

But I just couldn’t leave well enough alone, and had to add some glitter, Zoya Pixie Dust of course. I added these fun triangle moons lickety-split using my Sticky Nails Nail Tip Stencils and I only had to use 4 stickers to do both hands! Want to know more about Sticky Nails? I did a full review of their awesome nail stencils awhile back.

Easy Dry Marble Triangle Moon Nail Art

Easy Dry Marble Triangle Moon Nail Art Close Up

Would you try this look out even though it’s winter?

Easy Dry Marble Effect Nail Art – Get The Look

For this look I used:

  • Wet n Wild – Lavender Creme (wild shine)
  • Wet n Wild – Tickled Pink (wild shine)
  • Wet n Wild – On A Trip (megalast)
  • Wet n Wild – I Need a Refresh-Mint (megalast)
  • Zoya – Dahlia (pixie dust)
  • Zoya – Miranda (pixie dust)
  • Sticky Nails – Nail Tip Stencils
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat
  • Toothpick or pin
Sticky Nails Nail Tips Sheet Preview

Nail Tips by Sticky Nails

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