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Green Beaches – Born Pretty Store Sea Shell Stud Review

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“It’s like a beach on your nail!” That’s what my roommate exclaimed when shown this look. Totally inspired by @Nail_Swag on Instagram. She does some of the most awesome studded nail art! I have always wanted to re-create one of her beach-y but studded nail art looks – and these studs from the Born Pretty Store were just perfect!

Born Pretty Store Silver Seashell Green Beaches Bottle

Born Pretty Store Silver Seashell Green Beaches Close Up

Born Pretty Store Silver Shell Studs Review

  • Price – $2.78 at the Born Pretty Store (Price goes down for more bags purchased)
  • Quantity – 20 pieces – I received exactly 21 in my package.
  • Packaging – The studs come in a typical plastic bag that is resealable.
  • Best Use – Nail Art and Decoration, Crafts
  • Description – Silver metal alloy 3mm shell shaped studs. Studs are also available in gold and 5 mm.
  • Size – 3 mm, exactly as advertised.
  • Uniformity – All the studs are exactly the same size, shape and color. No trouble with “nesting” (none of the studs were stuck together).
  • Durability – These are scratch resistant – I didn’t put on a top coat and they didn’t get scratched at all. They also stayed on for 4 days before the first one popped off, probably because I didn’t glue them on very well. I didn’t intend to keep this manicure so long, but I loved the look so much!
  • Special Instructions – Apply with nail glue, base polish, or other glue and seal with clear topcoat if desired. I did not use a topcoat here.
  • Ease of Use – They lay flat anywhere against the nail bed because of their small size. They are hollow on the back so that you can put a drop of glue in to adhere them, making application easy. The hardest part is not losing the cute little things during application!
  • Color – Silver and very, very shiny!! I wore this manicure for a few days scrapping my nails around and playing derby – none of the silver scratched off.
  • Removal – Very easy. I was actually able to pop most of mine off and put them right in the back to be used again! If you used a really good glue and sealed with topcoat this might not be possible.
  • Recommend It – Yes, perfect for any beach-y look. I will be using them again soon too!
Born Pretty Store Silver Seashell Studs

Picture Credit: Born Pretty Store

Born Pretty StoreGet Studded

Like these studs? Get them here. Use my awesome discount code, BCKW10 to get 10% off your entire order. Shipping is always free and ships within 24 hours, but since it is from Singapore and I am in the US, it did take about 1 week to get here, pretty fast!

If you haven’t checked out the Born Pretty Store, I would recommend it. They have TONS of nail art decorations and supplies at very reasonable prices. Most items ship one color/size per bag so you will be stocked up on that item for many manicures. Their order process is easy and you receive immediate email confirmation, plus you can pay via PayPal if you prefer.

Born Pretty Store Silver Seashell Green Beaches Bottle

Born Pretty Store Silver Seashell Green Beaches Flat

Green Beaches – Glitter Sea Shell Nail Art

To create this look I used a ombre/gradient base going from green to white that I applied with a sponge. Then right after sponging while the gradient was still wet, I put on a coat of white translucent polish with silver glitter called “Silver Belle” by Sinful Colors to make a smooth color transition (I swear there is a gradient underneath all that glitter!). Next I topped with all the bling – 3 thin coats of “Scale Up” shown in the picture above, green and clear crystals, silver studs, pearls and of course silver sea shells!

Green Beaches – Get The Look

For this look I used:

  • Sinful Colors – Snow Me White
  • Maybelline – Green with Envy (color show)
  • Sinful Colors – Silver Belle
  • Sally Hansen – Scale Up (triple shine, green foil glitter)
  • Born Pretty Store – 3 mm Silver Sea Shell Studs
  • Born Pretty Store – Stud Wheel (used small silver discs)
  • Cheeky – Nail Art Rhinestone 5 Wheel Bundle (used various green and clear stones)
  • Michaels Stores – Stick on pearls (package of white and black for scrapbooking)
  • Craft glue
  • Craft tweezers
  • Kitchen sponge – torn into small bits and slightly damp
  • Dotting tool and small bowl of water (to pick up and place gems)

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