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Boom NailsBoom Nails was created by Emma, a freelance nail artist. She is trained as a graphic designer and now creates beautiful nails. Emma’s art has been featured in countless editorials and press.

Her intricate and colorful designs will keep you inspired for years!

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Chalkboard Nails

Chalkboard Nails, the only time you’ll enjoy nails on a chalkboard! This site was created by Sarah Waite and her designs are spot on perfection.

She has tons of awesome tutorials that are easy to follow with large, high quality photos.

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Chelsea King's Get NailedCreated by Chelsea King, Get Nailed is dedicated to tutorials, swatches and reviews, and so much  more. She was also featured in one of my favorite documentaries, NAILgasm.

Her nail art is girly and trendy with a strong dose of pattern and geometric designs.

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Jacqui is a nail art hobbyist who’s blog, Crafynail, is focused on nail care, nail polish and cute nail designs. Her blog is full of awesome nail tips, nail art, swatches and product reviews.

Craftynail posts reguarly on topics all of us nail gals are interested in with lots of cute designs thrown in.

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Hey, Nice Nails!Hey, Nice Nails! is a shop run by Donne and Ginny Geer who are Nail Artists and Licensed Manicurists. Their designs are super cool and usually loaded with gems, studs and extras.

They wrote a book, Nail Candy, with “50+ ideas for totally cool nails”. I can’t wait to check it out!

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LabMuffin LabMuffin is written by Michelle a PhD student and beauty junkie. Her blog is a lot of fun, taking an insightful scientific approach.

Other reasons to love LabMuffin include lots of pretty nail polish swatches and reviews and of course lots of cute and funky nail art.

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Lacquerheads Of OzLacquerheads of Oz is a collaboration of about 30 Australian nail-philes. It is chock full of information such as easy to follow nail art tutorialsnail blogging advice, and manicure knowledge.

This blog is informative, entertaining and will keep you reading for hours.

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Lucy's Stash

Lucie is the curator of Lucy’s Stash, a blog dedicated to nail art, tutorials, reviews, and swatches. She was nominated for the 2013 Cosmopolitan Best Established Beauty Blog.

Lucy’s Stash has great swatches, with lots of angles and really awesome macro shots that let you get up close and personal with the polishes.

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Miss LadyfingerMiss Ladyfinger is run by Miss Taryn Multack, a creative fashion professional in NYC. She takes inspiration from “fashion trends and translates them into unique nail art.”

Check out designs inspired by designers, and by season – Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.

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Miss Pop NailsSimcha Whitehill, better known as Miss Pop Nails, knows what to do when life gives you lemons:

“I was stuck in bed for two years – laying flat on my back. I can still paint my nails, I bet. I turned my sick bed into a salon. Everytime I looked at my hands it gave me a sense of self and something to be proud of. When my friends came to visit me, it wasn’t like oh I’m sick girl. Have you see my nails? They’re fly!”
– Quote from NAILgasm

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NailasaurusThe Nailasaurus is a really fun blog that is updated DAILY. Sammy’s blog is great for you gals with shorter nails.

In 2012 & 2013 she was nominated for the Best Established Beauty Blog for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards and is known for her “waterfall manicure.”

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One Nail To Rule Them AllOne Nail To Rule Them All is run by Alice from England who has a unique and pretty nail shape. Another great blog for shorter nail gals!

Her designs are super cute and always perfect. Another blog that will keep you inspired with new ideas and tutorials to try for years.

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