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Studded Matte Coral Nails – Born Pretty Silver Spiral Studs

Studded Matte Coral Nails Top View

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I’m SO excited to be back and FINALLY show you how my “coral” prompt for @wnac_tkc June Nail Challenge came out! I know this was so long ago, but I loved this look and was bummed I didn’t get a chance to share it at the time. Really easy but comes off as effortless, chic sophistication – at least I thought so!

Studded Matte Coral Nails

To get the base for this look I used Opi’s Switchboard Startlet, 3 thin coats. This is a sheer polish so it’s not meant to be opaque. I wanted this to be matte so I decided to try out Sally Hansen’s Big Matte Top Coat. I had picked this up at the drugstore and thought “Oh well might as well try it, probably will suck.” This is only because I’ve tried probably five other matte top coats and hated them all! (Sinful Colors, NYC, CND, etc.) But this one is different – soooo beautiful, squishy and perfectly matte. It doesn’t streak or change the color of the polish, or leave those annoying white speckles. So pretty!

Studded Matte Coral Nails Base

Next I used my always handy Chevron Point nail vinyls from Nail Mail to make the silver triangles at the base. I used the lightest coat of the awesome demi-matte polish Silver Solution by Sinful Colors. They call it a “Silk” but it’s a demi-matte and really beautiful.

Studded Matte Coral Nails Side View

Last but not least I added these unique silver spiral studs from the Born Pretty Store using the tiniest drop of nail resin from IDB. Love that stuff – MUCH stronger than normal nail glue and keeps my studs on much longer. With the matte nail and subdued silver I feel like the studs really have a chance to shine! I plan on getting more of these studs, and I can’t wait to try all of the other designs. I’ve never seen such detailed and unique studs so I will probably just buy them all at once. Ha! 😉 More details about all the products I used below. Let me know if you like this look!

Studded Matte Coral Nails Close Up

Studded Matte Coral Nails – Get The Look

For this look I used:

Chevron Point Nail Vinyls from Nail Mail

Chevron Point Nail Vinyls. Picture Credit: Nail Mail

Silver Spiral Studs from Born Pretty

Silver Spiral Studs. Picture Credit: Born Pretty

Get Studded

Born Pretty StoreWant to get studded? You can get any, or all, or the studs above and many, many more at the Born Pretty Store. They have so many different nail art supplies (and much more) at great prices and the shipping has never taken more than two weeks. Shipping is always free and ships within 24 hours. Use my awesome discount code, BCKW10 to get 10% off your entire order.

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