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Favorite Blue Nail Polish – Opi No Room for the Blues

This nail polish is an oldie, but a goodie. I think it came out for the summer line “BrightPair Collection” in 2009, but I have kept it around and keep using it because it is such a great polish. There are a lot of reasons to love Opi’s “No Room for the Blues”:

  • Perfect pretty sky blue that suits lots of skin tons
  • Great formula – goes on buttery smooth and creamy with a perfectly even finish (no matter what my lights tried to do in this photo!)
  • Completely opaque in just two thin coats
  • The color seems “current” in many seasons – summer, spring and winter

Opi No Room for the Blues Bottle

How about a full review for those who are nail polish nerds like me?

Opi No Room for the Blues Nail Polish Review

  • Price – $5.13 on Amazon
  • Official Site – Opi
  • Description – A neutral, sky-blue creme nail polish.
  • Best Use – Solid polish and nail art.
  • Size – 0.5 oz/15 ml
  • Packaging – Classic Opi shaped bottle that gets narrower on bottom with a black top.
  • Brush – Medium sized black brush, not too small or too big, I think this brush is just the perfect size. A little larger than a standard sized brush.
  • Ingredients – 3-Free.
  • Cruelty Free – Not tested on animals.
  • Formula – Has a thin and easy to apply consistency that goes on super smooth and streak free. Dries darker than when first applied to the same color as the bottle.
  • Opacity – Very opaque, even with one thin coat and no white “undie” coat it is about 80% opaque. For true to bottle color and a lasting manicure, two thin coats is all you need.
  • Color – True to bottle, this is the perfect medium sky blue.
  • Dry Time – About 5 minutes to tacky dry, and 10 minutes to completely dry.
  • Durability – Very good, lasts about a week like most of Opi’s formulas, this is a long wearing polish if you use a basecoat and topcoat as well.
  • Removal – Very easy, comes off with an easy swipe.
  • Staining – None that I noticed. I also did a bit of research online and it doesn’t seemed that it stained for any other bloggers either.
  • Ease of Use – Super easy polish to apply and use, one of my favorites because of its awesome formula.
  • Recommend It – Did I mention this is my FAVORITE blue? Get on it!

Nail Art Using Opi No Room for the Blues

I have already used this awesome polish lots of times on the blog, here are a few of my favorites:

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