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Easy Stencil Gold & Pink Interview Nail Art

Press Sample

I like to match my nails to special occasions and lately I have been gathering new clients and going on a lot of interviews. So of course I had to paint some awesome interview appropriate nails that weren’t too over the top but still confident and cheeky.

As a base for this manicure I used two of my new gold nail polishes – a super sparkly gold base that almost looks like foil and an awesome gold glitter that has little pink hex glitters in it! I am not usually a fan of gold as a metal, but as usual with nails I seem to like everything. It took me awhile before I tracked down a decent gold for my skin tone – most made my skin look ashy, maybe since I have an olive/yellow skin undertone? I’m not sure – but most gold polishes just looked horrible next to my skin. But this one, I like!

Gold Interview Nail Art Base

Gold Interview Nail Art Bottle

The real star of the show though is the Sticky Nail accent nails. I used the Sticky Nails “Fancy Lady” nail art stencils to really add some punch to this manicure using a hot pink. In my own cheesy way, the nails gave me a confidence boost during my interviews. Especially when thinking of the cheeky names – I choose the appropriate “Like a Boss” stiletto pumps and the “Tie it Together” pretty bow for the accent nails and added a glitter french tip. Because, I’m golden on these interviews! 😉

Easy Gold and Pink Interview Nail Art

Easy Gold and Pink Interview Nail Art Close Up

Gold & Pink Interview Nail Art – Get The Look

For this look I used:

  • Wet n Wild – Gold Album (fergie)
  • Milani – Golden Romance
  • Pure Ice – Speechless
  • Bundle Monster – Short stripping brush (to create glitter gradient)
  • Sticky Nails – Fancy Lady Nail Art Stencils
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat
Fancy Lady Nail Art Stencils by Sticky Nails

Fancy Lady Nail Art Stencils by Sticky Nails

The “Fancy Lady” sticker set has more than just these stencils, the complete set includes:

  • 8 big hearts
  • 8 fancy perfume bottles
  • 8 stiletto pumps
  • 8 pretty bows
  • 6 little 3-heart strips
  • Short and long strips
Fancy Lady Nail Art Stencils by Sticky Nails

Design Example by Sticky Nails

Fancy Lady Nail Art Stencils by Sticky Nails

How To: Fancy Lady Nail Stencils by Sticky Nails

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