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Nail Art Glossary Introduction

Nail Art Glossary Dictionary Encyclopedia

I’m excited to introduce you to the new Black Cat Nails Glossary! First there is the new Glossary Page filled with nail art terms and lingo you may have been wondering about. Right now I have completed A – C but I will be adding term to the list daily. It’s going to take a bit of time, so this will be an on going project – one that I’m really excited about. Let me show you why!

Not only is there the awesome encyclopedia like page, but you can access this on every page via helpful “tool-tips” that you will see when you hover your mouse over a word that has a dotted underline. For example: Bling Baby! If you hover over the word “bling” you will see the tool-tip with the definition. If you click on it you can see even more!

Glossary Term Caviar

Click on the link to go to the terms individual page. The glossary full term pages include:

  • Picture illustrating each term
  • Full description
  • Related glossary terms with links
  • Synonyms
  • Related tags so you can explore related posts


  1. Tool-tips are disabled for mobile devices, but you can still click through to the term page.
  2. The tool-tip only shows for the first occurrence of each term.

Let me know what you think and if this is something that you find helpful!

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