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Im Back! – My Nails Now

Hi nail friends! I haven’t been posting lately because 1. My website(s) got hijacked by my hosting company, 2. I moved, and 3. I broke my nails, too bad so sad. But I’m baaaaack. What a journey.

Don’t Use 1&1 Hosting

First let me just put 1&1 on blast – if you are hosting a large WordPress site or multiple WordPress sites I recommend looking for a different hosting provider. To make a long story short they don’t have great customer service and didn’t care that my site sometimes loaded and sometimes didn’t, was loading very slowly, and that the dashboard area was so slow it made it impossible for me to create new posts. Since this has happened twice I decided this time I was done and switched to Dreamhost about a week ago. As soon as I made the switch my site was loading faster than ever, and look, a new post! Yay!!

My Nails

So I had two things against me here – my nails were SUPER long and I had to carry all my stuff up two flights of stairs during my move. My nails always break when they are this long because they’re just too thin. I am vowing to never be so lazy and let them get this long again – I just really hate filling my nails I guess. It takes forever. So here are my nails before all the nonsense from an upcoming post:

Sinful Colors Mardi Gras Flowers

I finally I got around to filing my nails into points the week before I moved – mostly because I had broken my ring finger almost completely off (that’s why it looks strange). Here are my nails prepped for filing. Sadly I don’t have even ONE picture of my epic pointies painted, I never got the chance.

Prep for Pointies

Epic Point Nails

Because when I moved a bed took my pinky. (Sorry for the crappy photos they are all “real life” pics outside of my lightbox).

Broken Pinky

Then this just the NEXT day, of course. So I had no choice but to cut them all the way down.

Index Broken

I’m giving that nail a bit of a chance to grow while keeping the others filed down so I will have new nubbin nail art soon! For now I am going to post some nail art I had ready for last year that I wasn’t able to post because of my hosting company. Can’t wait for my nails to be long enough to paint again!


  1. I’m on Dreamhost too!! YAY!! 🙂 Sorry about the loss of your nails during your move! But I’m sure they will grow back fast! 🙂

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