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Candy Corn Inspired Nail Designs – Halloween Nailfest 2014

Candy Corn Inspired Nail Designs Feature

Halloween is for SURE my favorite time of year – because black cat’s and October go together perfectly of course! This year I have done a TON of graphic design projects and I was inspired to do some nail related graphics too. Like I mentioned yesterday in my first Halloween nail art design of the year, I want to take full advantage this spooky season and try out all the different ideas I’ve seen and loved over the last couple years. But I also wanted to try come up with some of my own ideas and see what twist’s I could come up with on the designs I’ve seen.

Black Cat Nail's Mascot "Willow"

Black Cat Nail’s Mascot “Willow”

If you know me personally, you will know that I have a HUGE sweet tooth. It’s serious – I can’t help myself and have to buy candy in small quantities – Fez from “That ’70′s Show” has nothing on me! So for my first Halloween theme for “Halloween Nailfest 2014” I was inspired by delicious and colorful CANDY CORN!

Crafting Candy Corn Nails

“Crafting” Candy Corn Nails (Movie: “The Craft“)

Once I grabbed my yellow, orange, and black colored pencils and nail design template I really got going. I was in a flow and came up with over 110 different candy corn inspired ideas! After that I designed them all in Illustrator and refined the designs, came up with a few new ones, and rejected about 30 designs that I thought were too similar or just bad. Many of the designs are color or theme variations on others but I find it interesting how if you vary color placement, even with just a limited color palette, you can totally change the effect!

Candy Corn Inspired Nail Designs Feature Full

Full Resolution Printable Download

In the end I have 98 total designs that I am happy with that I hope you will also like! I can’t wait to try a few of them out – I wish I had time to try them all of course. Tomorrow I will have a few full set manicure designs based off a few of these. Which design would you try? Let me know if you are inspired by of these designs, I would love to see!

Nail Art Design Practice Templates or SheetsDo you like this template? You can find the nail design practice template here in two different styles and seven common nail shapes. Happy October!


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