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Valentines Bats – Born Pretty Store Bat Wing Glitter Review

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This is another old post from before that I wanted to post, but I was hacked. This was what I wore for Valentine’s Day – Valentines Bats! Because why not and I had these awesome white bats that I received from the Born Pretty Store that I wanted to try out. This post is a full in depth review of these fun, festive bats.

Born Pretty Store Bat Wing Glitter

They were really easy to work with and apply. I used a drop of brush on nail resin that I applied right on the middle of the bat then placed it on my nail using some long craft tweezers. I really loved this look but since the bats don’t lie flat, they didn’t stay with me for too long. But they were fun while they lasted!

Born Pretty Store Bat Wing Glitter Close Up

Born Pretty Store Bat Wing Glitter Review

  • Price – $1.77 at the Born Pretty Store
  • Quantity – 1 container.
  • Packaging – Bats come in a round plastic container about the size of a quarter with a screw top.
  • Best Use – Nail Art and Decoration, Crafts
  • Description – Ultra-thin 2mm bats in 12 different colors. Bats are all the same and 6mm wide. Made of plastic. I got the iridescent white ones, 0635. These do have sharp or pokey edges so I wouldn’t recommend them for children.
  • Size – 2 mm thick by 6 mm wide.
  • Uniformity – All of the bats are exactly the same thickness and size. There was some static nesting but if you just rub them between your fingers the bats separated without any issue.
  • Durability – Very good. If you notice them when they fall off you can easily reuse them.
  • Special Instructions – Apply with nail glue, base polish, or other glue and seal with clear topcoat if desired. I did not use a topcoat here since the bats don’t lie flat I don’t think that would have looked good.
  • Ease of Use – Really easy to use. Just add a drop of glue and place them on your nails.
  • Color – Iridescent white that shines like an opal as you shift it in the light. Very pretty.
  • Removal – Super easy, in fact they will probably pop off before you want them too since they do not lie flat. The little edges catch on things but these are still super fun for a special occasion.
  • Recommend It – Yes, fun!
Picture Credit: China Glaze

Picture Credit: China Glaze

China Glaze Prismatic Chroma Glitter Polish Base

These Prismatic Chroma Glitter polishes from China Glaze are ridiculously dreamy and AWESOME! I am so, so, so glad I didn’t miss out on this collection. I found all but one at a couple different Sally’s Beauty Supply stores in their clearance section for just $2.99 a bottle! But you can get the full set of 6 bottles on Amazon for just $24.00, including shipping. I plan on buying the one I couldn’t find, Optical Illusion, off Amazon myself. The line includes 6 different shades of pure liquid glitter:

  • Full Spectrum – Pink based holographic glitter filled with tiny multi-colored hex glitters
  • Liquid Crystal – Blue based holographic glitter filled with tiny multi-colored hex glitters
  • Optical Illusion – Green based holographic glitter filled with tiny multi-colored hex glitters
  • Polarized – Silver based holographic glitter filled with tiny multi-colored hex glitters
  • Prism – Purple based holographic glitter filled with tiny multi-colored hex glitters
  • Ray-Diant – Gold based holographic glitter with a green tint filled with tiny multi-colored hex glitters

Born Pretty Store Bat Wing Glitter Bottle

These polishes really are the most dreamy glitters I have ever laid my hands on. They go on super smooth like a creme polish (I’m NOT kidding) and go to almost full opacity in just one coat. The polishes even remove more easily than any full glitter I have ever used, and ironically these are packed with MORE glitter than I’ve ever seen! On the surface the colors look somewhat similar in the bottle, but because of their holographic nature they really don’t get to shine until you put them on and move them around in the light. Then the individual color of each polish really shines.

Born Pretty Store Bat Wing Glitter Base

Born Pretty Store Bat Wing Glitters

Valentines Bats – Get The Look

For this look I used:

Picture Credit: Born Pretty Store

Picture Credit: Born Pretty Store

Get Batty

Born Pretty StoreYou can get these bats for just $1.77 from the Born Pretty Store. Use my awesome discount code BCKW10 to get 10% off your entire order. Shipping is always free and orders ship within 24 hours. If you haven’t checked out the Born Pretty Store, I would recommend it. They have TONS of nail art decorations and supplies at very reasonable prices.

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